Trey Scott


  There are moments in life when time stops and you can't help but pay attention to what is right in front of you. The dirt road that led me down to the open fields overrun with weeds and neglect was just that kind of moment. The winds were making the shoulder-high grasses look like waves across a sea. I could hear water running but couldn't see it. I stopped the truck, turned off the engine and got out to breathe it all in. The overwhelming feeling was, "Welcome!"

  In front of the truck, laying on it's side, also overgrown with random brush, was a sign. I went over to look at it, "For Sale by Owner," and a phone number. I scribbled it down and within 3-weeks of a nearly effortless process, I was the owner and steward of this land. The dreams of what it could become began...

   First and foremost it was an opportunity to grow food, flowers and joy for myself and others. The "how" was still a mystery. Much sweat, planting, weeding and listening to this place has evolved a working farm in development with an open door for collaboration.

  You are welcome to visit, take up a shovel, plant and harvest so that your own joy, thrives...namaste